Inner Child

According to Dr. Hew Len, having a relationship with your inner child will help you heal all relationships within you! 

This will take you far beyond manifestation or even happiness, it will take you to the true source, which is contentment, peace, and love.

To learn to love one’s self is the path to true freedom. When one truly learns to love themselves, all outward views will reflect from within, and in return all that remains is love!

Dr. Hew Len is shown in this video: Watch the video. 

What Is Advanced Ho’oponopono?

Almost immediately after Dr. Hew Len and Joe published their best selling book Zero Limits, they were bombarded with requests for more Ho’oponopono tools. Many people asked, is there such a thing as advanced* Ho’oponopono?

Get much more info here!

At that time Joe would simply say, “this is all Dr. Len has shown me,” and in his words “just clean”.

Then in 2009 at Zero Limits III, over 200 people went though an abbreviated version of the Inner Child Meditation.

Inner Child Meditation

If there ever was an advanced Ho’oponopono, this is it.

Joe began personalizing this new tool. The healing power of music has been documented. To intensify the experience, Joe worked closely with musician/music producer (and devoted Ho’oponopono user) Mathew Dixon, to create a sound track that would inspire an experience of greatness.

To be quite honest, I didn’t intend to tell you about this audio at first, I merely made it for my own personal pleasure, but after using it I decided to share it.

This Is What You Get

  1. A detailed introduction by Joe, set to original music by Mathew Dixon, about the Inner Child Meditation.
  2. The 7 second breathing bonus, I recommend using this first before starting your meditations. And as I said before, once you learn this technique you can do it yourself anywhere, anytime. It is so easy. It alone, is a wonderful tool that keeps you in rhythm with Divine.
  3. The Inner Child Meditation spoken by Joe, with beautiful original music by Mathew Dixon.

What Does It All Cost?

Zero Limits III the final chapter sold out with 200 attendees who paid $1,000.00 a seat to experience this miracle event. Thousands of others purchased the 6-disc DVD set that shared the abbreviated version of the Inner Child Meditation for $199.95. But now, you get the audio introduction of Dr. Joe Vitale, explaining the inner workings of the Inner Child Meditation.

And the bonus 7 Second Breathing that will ” put you back into rhythm”.

And most of all, The Inner Child Mediation “This is the most important relationship in creation, more important than any physical relationship you have”.  All this for only $19.95. Not sure how long this reduced price will stay; and really, this is a very small price to pay for this product. 

Get it here now.

Your Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee

Your Guarantee: If you’re not happy any time within 60 days from your purchase, let Joe know and you can have your money refunded-all of it-no questions asked.

There’s nothing else I can say that will accurately describe how this will affect you. You need to experience it for yourself, it’s a small investment but it is a life-changing experience.

Take the next step, order The Inner Child Meditation, your Inner Child is waiting for you!

Inner child freedom meditation


*Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. wikipedia

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